The Masked Explorer
by Jeanne White
Trafford Publishing

"A cat in grass is a tiger in the jungle." -English proverb

Photographer Jeanne White has a keen eye for capturing the beauty in nature. In her most recent compilation, White presents a collection of 120 animal photos taken around the globe. The range of her natural subject matter is extraordinary, and her travels clearly extensive. With an image of snuggling guinea pigs in a pet shop, to a pride of lions on the plains of Kenya, from a cart and horse on the streets of France, to the vibrant red plumage of Australian rosellas, White renders visuals of both common and elusive creatures.

Whether the icy blue waters of Alaska, or the lush green foliage of a rain forest, the majority of the animal portraits have been photographed within the confines of the subject's natural habitat. At times, backgrounds are muted into soft focus to provide contrast with the sharper, detailed central image that highlights color, texture, and pattern on the expressive forms and faces of these eclectic animals. For certain species, White's choice of a solid black backdrop either raises them like jewels against a rich velvet cloth, or infers their essence as nocturnal creatures.

Each artistic photo is accompanied by a quote, proverb, or verse that lends a thought-provoking or humorous element to the images. These literary captions run the gamut from Sioux tribal leader, Sitting Bull, to Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll to Thoreau. As a personal touch, White adds some of her own rhyming phrases. Immanuel Kant's words, "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" are reinforced by the soulful image of a brown Galapagos fur seal. This poignant quote and the overall sense of The Masked Explorer speaks volumes about White, a woman with a heart of gold. In view of the respect and compassion she exhibits in her craft, by sharing a multitude of feathered and furry images, her work is truly a gift to us all.

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