Master Manual of Morphs: A to Zoo-Zippera
by Paul Pointer

"Amazing compilation to make one think. Be careful not to miss this- or even blink!"

Paul Pointers masterfully executed art book truly does make the reader think. The author presents about 100 fully-illustrated morphs, which range from animals to various everyday objects. Each letter of the English alphabet features a corresponding morph. The creatures are accompanied by a short, limerick-style poem in the upper right corner of the page, which tells a story of each morph, what it is, and/or what it does.

The book is done in black and white, which adds to the artistic quality of the pictures and the overall idea of unusual that the artist carries out so well. As noted by the author, the book is crafted in the spirit of childrens author Shel Silverstein and also in the linear style of M.C. Escher. The pictures in the book convey a strong imagination on the authors part, and it is perfect for adults and the children alike.

Especially of note from the range of morphs that the author presents are, among many other interesting creatures, a Wapistol, a combination of a pistol and a wasp. Through Pointer's imaginative art, an ordinary object, such as a pistol, changes to a beautiful wasp. Similarly, another picture of note is Jellily, in which case a lily transforms into a jellyfish in six changes, created by the artists pen. What also enhances the book is the fact that the author provides pronunciation in the parentheses under each morphs title.

Beautifully done, well-drawn, modern-looking book, for young and old alike, for lovers of modern art, and for art buffs in general. It would make a perfect coffee-table book, even though its a softcover and its rather small in size.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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