Matthew's Redemption
by Madelyn S. Palmer
Trafford Publishing

"He thought about all the people he had met, the dangers he had faced, the choice he had made, and the things he had learned."

Prince Matthew of the Land of Sterling is no longer interested in training for knighthood. Wanting to experience a little more adventure, Matthew travels to Adonia to spend time with his sister Amber and her family before heading off to Portsmouth to gain experience as a sailor. While traveling and adventuring on the high seas, Matthew soon discovers a plot set forth by pirates that could bring Sterling to ruin, and it’s a race against the clock to try and stop their plan.

This third book in the Land of Sterling series is a classic coming-of-age story mixed with high seas adventure and a little bit of romance. Matthew has to wrestle with the shadow of his sister and his mother’s accomplishments, as well as try to figure out what he wants to do. Matthew is portrayed as a compassionate, strong-willed, and intelligent boy, possessing all the qualities of leadership. But he is unhappy with what the routine of his life would be if he were to choose to be a knight. Matthew’s desire to get out into the world and find out his purpose is relatable to readers, and his choice to be brave and take that chance is inspiring.

One aspect of the story that the author pulled off well was tying all of Matthew’s experiences together. From his friendship with his shipmate Mark to the temporary taming of Wolf, each character is reintroduced in a way that speaks to Matthew’s growth and impact as a person, as well as how each instance played an important part in his journey.

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