A Menagerie of Characters
by Leonora DiLullo
Trafford Publishing

"'This is Lenny Lemmings, the lucky lollipop lover,' she continued. 'It seems wherever he goes people give him lollipops without reason.'"

Mr. Bottomly has some spare time before tea, so he decides to take a stroll in the Victoria Zoo, where he has never visited before. His guide and companion is a lady in a pink dress, who shows him all the interesting and unique animals residing there and tells him what activities they pass their time with. Some of the animals on exhibit include Doctor Dogford, a doodling dog, who has doodled himself into a corner; Kyle, the Kooky Koala, who loves kites and ties them to his knickers and also to his kittens, and last but not least, Sushi, the Samurai Salamander, who's is being sued for the 66th time for souring a strawberry soda. They finally view the last exhibit with Zachary Zebra, who collects Z's, and Mr. Bottomly promises the lady to come back tomorrow.

This children's picture book is a joint project put together by two sisters, one the author and the other the illustrator. Pastel-colored pencil illustrations accompany the text, and there is an animal for every letter of the alphabet, making it easier for young children to learn to read. All the animals are imaginative, fantastic, and all have a different quirk, which will bring a smile to faces of readers young and old alike. The zookeeper lady and Mr. Bottomly wear Victorian clothes, which gives the book a certain old-fashioned feel. This is a great tool to help teach young kids the alphabet through the use of pictures, and it's a good book for parents and kids to share.

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