Meo: The Pharaoh of Cats
by Connie Soles

"Somewhere in a distant place love will find the way / Searching, always searching you seem so far away."

Sarge, a strong, beautiful male cat, lives in the RV with his human daddy, Jesse. One full moon night, Sarge meets a strange circle of cats who bow to him as a gold crown magically lands on his head. One cat, Cleo, seems to find Sarge very familiar, and they are both attracted to each other. The cats purr a haunting Egyptian love song and gradually become popular amongst humans. On their one-year anniversary, a tornado of stars takes Cleo and Sarge back to ancient Egypt. There it is revealed that they were once human, but they had provoked the pharaoh's wrath, and his wizard had turned them into cats. Separated, the two cats had begun their journey across many time periods in their effort to reunite.

Soles delivers a delightful story about love and time travel. Using Sarge and Cleo’s experiences in the present as well as the past, Soles focuses on the power of true love and how it overcomes great obstacles. The moments that Cleo and Sarge share make them an adorable couple, while their song is a gentle reminder that love never forgets. That two souls can be absolutely made for each other is depicted through the matching heartbeats of Sarge and Cleo, which are always in sync. The portrayal of the Egypt episode effectively employs the theme of cursed love to give the story a fairy-tale aura. Bright, colorful illustrations by Andrew Porter bring out the vibrant charm of the story, while the compact storyline and friendly tone connect with the reader on an emotional level. Thoroughly enjoyable and fresh, this unusual story about soulmates finding each other will definitely appeal to children and adults, especially cat lovers.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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