Metamorphosis of Power
by Greig Alexander

"Your funeral was held yesterday, meaning no one will ever expect to see you again and it is just another unsolved mystery to the non-wielding world."

In this urban fantasy, Alexander reveals a unique supernatural world within our own where the creatures of myth we might know of are very different than how they are perceived. The story follows Damien, a 31-year-old who has lived a privileged life of good fortune in both wealth and comfort. However, having been raised by a foster family, he never knew who his birth parents were. Nor did he know that he would be the descendant of a magical sect and the promise of a prophecy.

It isn't until a supernatural being nearly kills him that he learns of his place in a world where magical powers are the norm. Thrust into a new role of power, Damien struggles to learn to control his magic and gather the organization's support. Through Damien's ignorance of his new surroundings, Alexander allows the reader to learn about the complexity of this magical world alongside his protagonist without info-dumping. By using Gary as Damien's advisor of sorts, the explanations of magic provided through dialogue are natural.

Though the text can be heavy on the eyes because of the structure of its paragraph-long pages, the book is mostly well-paced. The only plot point that was rushed was when Damien accepts his place in the organization far too quickly and does not spend much time worrying about the friends who think he's dead. Even so, the book's focus on discovery and Damien's struggle with identity, even if having to do with mystical abilities, is a universal one that will resonate with readers.

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