Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness
by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.
URLink Print & Media, LLC

"If you want your health to change, you must be willing to change your negative attitudes and your negative behaviors."

In this book, the author uses personal experience to validate her belief in the great capacity of the mind’s healing powers. In Harris’s estimation, attitude is the most important factor in allowing the body to heal from an illness that has, more than likely, been created through negative attitudes and beliefs. She feels one’s self-deprecating thoughts are the source of sickness. Therefore, it stands to reason that illness would be conquered through a change in one’s inner dialogue. Furthermore, the maladies one manifests are directly related to the feelings about the self and one’s situation. The book consists of nine chapters which address the creation and resolution of illness and injury. Drawing on her studies in energy healing with the Four Winds Society, Harris discusses the healing techniques she incorporates as a shaman.

In this short but informative study of self-healing, the author introduces readers to the concept of illness as a manifestation of negative thought. Her writing offers an easily understood explanation of her premise, and she includes examples from her personal experience in which she has utilized her methods to recover from an illness or physical injury. Harris writes with the sincerity and urgency of one who has indeed experienced healing of a miraculous nature and wishes to share her knowledge with the world. Many of the stories within the book are nothing short of miraculous, and whether or not one believes that every illness can be cured through self-talk, there is yet valuable information concerning the use of affirmations that some may find helpful. Certainly, Harris’s own story of loss and healing is fascinating, and readers will quickly find themselves enthralled.

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