Mi's Pets
by Mi
Trafford Publishing

"I was wondering about the puppies. “Mom?”, I asked, “How does Cocoa get puppies in her belly?"

In this book, the six-year old author shares her love of pets in this brightly colored ode to her dogs. With each page offering at least one photograph, readers learn about the author's four dogs, including their names and breeds, as well as some minor information about her family. When one of her puppies becomes pregnant, questions of how her Shih-Poo Cocoa came to be with child are asked, and the author's mother is tasked with tactfully explaining where puppies come from. Afterwards, the litter is born and the loving enthusiasm of the family spreads from the original four dogs to the four puppies that are now part of the household.

The numerous pictures of dogs throughout the book will delight children that love animals. Readers will enjoy comparing the pets in the book with their own pets, and parents can start conversations regarding breeds of dogs or the big question tackled in the book: "Where do babies come from?" The text is easy to read, and makes for a quick and easy chance to bond with young readers, before a trip to a pet store, a zoo, or even just before an afternoon nap. Other children may also enjoy that the author is close to their own age, and it creates an ideal situation to stir young minds to do their own storytelling, whether fictionally or factually. This book should captivate children 8 and under thanks to its simple language, bright pictures, and lovable subjects.

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