Miss Maddie Mae and Her New Friend Bits
by Jackie Sowatsky
Illustrated by Marvin Paracuelles
Trafford Publishing

"Yep, summer flew by, so much fun it had been for me and for Bits, my brand new best friend"

What's the best time of the school year? If you ask Miss Maddie Mae, it's when summer vacation begins! Like many children Miss Maddie Mae is excited to begin her summer vacation, but before she can decide what to do first, she meets her new neighbor Bits, and they quickly become friends. As children tend to do in the summer, Bits and Miss Maddie Mae make the most of every day with a variety of activities and adventures. They play hopscotch, ride bikes, and go swimming outdoors. They build forts and have slumber parties when it begins to rain, as they surely do not want to waste one single summer day. When the summer winds down and it's time to start the school year, they enjoy their final day of fun sliding, singing, and picking out their clothes for the first day of school, together.

Sowatsky has done a great job creating a delightful book written in rhyming verses that children can relate to. The bright colors and cartoon-like illustrations add visual appeal to this already engaging story and really help to bring the story to life. The perfect book to read at bedtime or to share at school, Miss Maddie Mae and Her New Friend Bits teaches children about friendship, adventure, and making the most of each day. This is also a book that may inspire children to begin planning their own exciting summer adventures so like Maddie Mae and Bits, they too can make the most of each summer day. For more fun adventures from Miss Maddie Mae, check out Sowatsky’s latest book Miss Maddie Mae Loses A Tooth.

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