Miss Multy Tasck
by Laura Spearman
Trafford Publishing

"She jogs in place and views TV
While folding laundry parfectly."

Miss T., aka Miss Multy Tasck is a zany, yet lovable octomom who clearly has mastered the art of time management. As a single parent she is up at the crack of dawn, ready to take on the day. Her busy workload includes taking care of eight kids, managing the household, and writing children's books. Here author Laura Spearman brings to light a quirky, indefatigable character who finds joy in routines of the day, and artfully ventures to turn chores into play. Like a grown-up version of Astrid Lindgren's beloved, high-spirited Pippi Longstocking character, here in her own Villa Villekula home of sorts (minus the monkey and horse), readers will see Miss T. pack lunches, do laundry, bake pies, write, spend time with her children, and in a nod to the classic, pig-tailed red-head, lace up her scrub brush shoes, turn on some music, and skate her way to a clean kitchen floor.

Spearman's choice two-line rhyming pattern is well suited to the continuous action of the story. While poetic license might be taken at times to accommodate words that don't actually rhyme, readers will surely be having too much fun to mind. The wild, colorful, and sometimes wacky, off-kilter perspective illustrations by Windel Eborlas provide a perfect compliment to Miss T.'s unique personality. When this Mom sings, musical notes literally fly across the page.

This author has written a delightful and imaginative tale that pays homage to the hard work and varied roles that accompany a life of parenthood. While neighbors within the storyline may look upon the central character as a curiosity, Miss T goes about her tasks with creative aplomb and always gets the job done. Ultimately with this whimsical and poetic take on parental multi-tasking, both children and adults will be charmingly entertained.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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