Mommy, the Dreamweaver
by Meri Tumanyan

"Even when she’s not in sight,
her heart beats for your beating heart."

Leaving behind your family and children in order to work is hard for all mothers as well as their children. This story is a singsong poem designed to help both children and mothers in this situation. As mother leaves for work, she expresses her love and also her sadness with the situation at hand. She explains to her daughter that although she must leave in physical form, she is always thinking about her whether she is there in person or just in her daughter’s mind. The mother comforts her daughter by telling her not to cry because she will always return at the end of the day. She also further relaxes her in this loving poem by telling her all about the fun things they will do together when she does return home. Until that time, mother weaves peacefulness by telling her daughter to close her eyes and sense Mommy’s loving presence whenever she feels sad or lonely throughout the day.

Tumanyan is a devoted mother of two and a school teacher with a grand love of literature. With these two roles in life, Tumanyan sees the hardships encountered by parents and children when it comes time to separate, whether it be her separating from her own children or her students separating from their parents. Tumanyan has created this compassionate story to assist mothers like her who must work. With this poem, she helps parents sympathetically reinforce the reality for the need of separation, Mommy has to work to keep a certain lifestyle, but also gives comfort to the saddened children by reminding them Mommy is always with them in her heart. It is evident the wording to weave this story was carefully chosen by Tumanyan. It is age appropriate for children and thoughtfully designed to relieve anxieties and comfort young readers.

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