Monsieur Pierre
by Anne Dana
L.O.Annie Press

"Pierre ran after the visitors down to the river Seine. Everyone admired the city. Snap! Click! Smile!"

Monsieur Pierre Poulpe is a small octopus that was fished out of the ocean and placed in one of Paris's many decorative fountains. Though he is a cheerful and happy octopus, what he really wants more than anything is a friend. Since the Mademoiselle Poisson statues refuse to speak with him, Pierre leaves his fountain and joins a tour group to see Paris. Despite travelling to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and other tourist hotspots, nobody notices Pierre as they are too busy snapping photos of the landmarks. Dejected, Pierre returns to his fountain only to be discovered by two tourist children from California who adopt Pierre and bring him home to start the first of many both friendships and adventures.

Inspired by a hand-knitted octopus that the author bought on a vacation in Paris, the pictures and words of this story work together to show children the splendors of the capital of France. While Pierre is the only real consistent character for the majority of the story, eagle-eyed readers will be able to spot recurring figures and images within the tour group in France as well as after Pierre begins his life in the United States. The full-color illustrations on every single page give added detail to all of the details of the story and each were illustrated by the author herself. Teaching both a zeal for travel as well as the value of a friend, this book is perfect for children who love an adventure or for those who are nervous about an upcoming trip or vacation.

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