"...and smiling
as if it were
that only
cows are in the know"

In Staudenraus’ compelling collection of verse and art, silver linings are everywhere, love and romance abound, lovers share wine, and tigers contemplate their existence. “The Starmaker” transports readers into quiet evenings where all that exists is the individual, his or her thoughts, the stars above, and humankind’s futility in comparison with the universe’s vastness. Similarly, “I’ll See You in the Spring” invokes a Frost-like tone that conveys a philosophical longing for warmer times. “Breakfast” offers a sensual view of the world and an appreciation of the female form, which “A Requiem for Remembrance” longs for and “Valentine’s Eve” strongly affirms. At the collection’s end, “After the Dark Time” affirms that when life’s darkness passes, hope stands firm and eternal, ready for new beginnings to take hold.

This book transports readers through not only the four natural seasons, but it also depicts life’s various seasons through observations of frogs. kind visits from a friendly macaw. a blue racer that commands respect, and many other experiences. Readers of Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost will appreciate the blend of rhyme, wit, transcendentalism, and philosophy. Fans of online poetry journals like Vox Poetica and Referential Magazine will find comfort in the narration style, linguistic accessibility, and emotional tangibility this collection offers. Readers who are exploring poetry for the very first time will appreciate the easy initiation into verse that Staudenraus’ writing and the vibrant imagery accompanying each poem offer. Thus, this engaging compilation of the author’s work is a fun read for poets and readers of all levels and experiences.

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