Morality Shorts: Short, Short Stories with a Poetic Twist
by Miatta Lunn Lansana
Stratton Press, LLC

"Sitting in a whirlwind of her negative words, her negative words are all she heard."

Over two dozen short stories, only a page or two each in length, comprise this book’s focus on morality and living a responsible, respectful, and faithful life. In addition to adopting the short story format, each selection is also written in a rhyming, poetic style. Every story introduces a character who, for various reasons, has a critical flaw in their character. Whether it’s a racist attitude, only seeing life in negative shades, or refusing to accept Jesus as savior, each person’s lifestyle is negatively impacted by their choices. Through the course of each story, readers will be introduced to the focal character, learn about their life, and then discover the consequences that they face for straying from the moral choice.

The number of concepts that the author is able to work into just a page’s worth of fiction is quite impressive once the reader has a full grasp on what this book is accomplishing. Not only are these short stories imparting moral guidelines and wisdom, but they also incorporate verse constructs and inject a poetic flavor into the fables. Given the wide array of topics and the bite-sized nature of each chapter, this book is probably best utilized when needing to impart a lesson or a new perspective rather than being read in one sitting, though either is possible. The morals and approach are perhaps best suited for sharing with younger readers, but some of these stories also include harsh language or grim situations that might necessitate parental guidance. Inventive and well-constructed, these short stories can help provide a clear path through situations that all people struggle with from time to time.

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