Morning Walks with God
by Marlene Burling
Lettra Press LLC

"I have asked the Lord to show me simple spiritual lessons as I walk with Him throughout my day."

Author Burling’s collection of Christian-themed devotional readings are designed to offer an attentive, prayerful focus of meditation for each day of the year. The opening segment for January 1 cites the difference between happiness and joyfulness: the former depends on circumstances while the latter stems from one’s personal connection to God. Each passage is followed by a small section called “For my walk with God this morning” that features three short questions: What is this telling me about God? What do I need to do today? Is there a promise I can claim? The passage for July 4th references our independence as Americans while reminding us that we are still dependent on God. Several messages in November speak of thankfulness, and on the final day of the year, Burling advises “Commitment—Not Resolutions.”

Through her writing, Burling feels that she has found inspiration that can be shared with others and offers her hope that through these pithy “mini devotionals” readers will be moved to turn their minds toward God. She draws from many realms in her compositions, using such images as drinking cool lemonade on a hot day, starting her car, or a tree bending (but not breaking) in the path of a storm. Her practical questions for meditation are intended to stimulate further thought and action. Her book gives the reader a framework for examining one’s life as a Christian and as a contemplative person in need of structure and spiritual guidance. The messages are one or two pages in length and may include biblical quotations, religious philosophy, short fables, exemplary images, and occasional bursts of gentle humor. The book can be used as a focus of religious study for groups or individuals who will likely find Burling’s varied perspectives engaging, sincere, and occasionally surprising—effectively evoking positive feelings and ideas.

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