"My faith was challenged daily to the point of exhaustion. Yet quitting wasn’t an option."

Black magic, disfiguring objects, orbs, and dark, black demon spirits with red eyes—these are just a few of the negative energies named by Bell that invade every aspect of her life during a particularly arduous time. After relocating from her city life in Nevada to a small town in Georgia to be close to her ailing grandmother, unanticipated tragedy strikes her family. This becomes a turning point for Bell and the start of much struggle and pain coupled with paranormal occurrences. What at first seem as friendly visits from beyond the grave soon reveal themselves as more sinister. As Bell recovers following family tragedy and two car accidents amidst the increasing signs of malevolence, she grapples with the conflicting circumstances that plague her. With the support of her husband, Bell eventually recognizes and attributes this malevolence to witchcraft and black magic set upon her by neighbors and members of the community.

It is unclear exactly who enacts this malevolence as Bell does not name anyone specifically, nor does she particularly need to in this case. However, what is clear in this narrative is Bell’s refusal to waver from her deep devotion and faith in God, the one stronghold that enables her to fight against this evil. Part sermon, part memoir, Bell’s story is a fascinating one. Her writing is accessible, making the subject matter of her memoir more approachable. She is careful to avoid sensationalism, rather focusing on what she learned from these experiences, giving both personal and spiritual guidance to others afflicted or whom simply want to know more about the paranormal world. In addition, she addresses ways to overcome hardships and the importance of forgiveness. It is evident that Bell emerges from this extraordinary and personal spiritual warfare as a stronger individual in the end as she bravely shares her story.

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