A Mouse in the House
by Elaine Rowe
Trafford Publishing

"And to think it all began with a mouse in the house."

When a mouse becomes an unwanted guest in the home, the owner of the home is desperate to get rid of the vermin. As one might expect, the initial plan is to introduce a feline predator or two into the house to catch and remove the mouse in question. After getting the cats, an energetic chase ensues. However, much to the owner's dismay, the mouse remains elusive. Instead of resorting to more drastic action, all the new inhabitants of the home become friends and learn how to coexist with one another. Now the owner feeds and takes care of the mouse and both of the cats, staying mindful of the unlikely circumstances that filled her home with such life and action.

This simple story is a fast and fun read for children that can be enjoyed on their own or shared with a parent or family member. Each page comes complete with two copies of each illustration, one in color and one in black and white. This is an innovative and brilliant way to allow the book to double both as a story and as a coloring book, keeping kids entertained beyond the story itself. The brief nature of the story makes it perfect before naps or after meals and belongs just as well in the home library as it would in the classroom. This wholesome tale is reminiscent of classical children's stories and can be enjoyed by young readers of all ages. Kids will enjoy the whimsical illustrations, the silly story, and the ability to color the illustrations themselves.

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