Movement and Mentorship: Healing Kids through Sports
by Marian Prentice Huntington

"We’re operating a health-care program disguised as an athletic program."

The fight against poverty and inequality relies on people willing to help in their communities by creating opportunities for all people to participate and engage in activities that foster strong minds and bodies. Huntington’s success with her public charity serves as a guide and a model for others to implement in order to change the lives of children marginalized by poverty. Huntington shares her firsthand experiences connecting impoverished children with after-school sports programs and with mentors in the areas of karate, dance, and soccer. The prohibitive cost of organized sports leaves many kids isolated and trapped in unhealthy habits that lead to depression, anxiety, and obesity. By engaging these children and teens in physical activities and by connecting them with athletically minded mentors, young lives are changed dramatically.

Huntington provides moving testimonials from students who have been impacted by her charity and the sanctuary provided by organized sports at critical periods in their lives. The voices of these young people resound with gratitude and a deep awareness of the impact of these programs to reset their paths toward belonging, self-expression, and confidence. These first-person accounts serve as an inspirational call to action because the results are so powerful; lives are changed forever by the work of movement and mentorship. In addition to the personal accounts from the participants, Huntington also includes practical steps and strategies for people who want to utilize proven ways to help young people thrive in their communities. Material celebrating the success of Huntington’s charity and well-researched insights about the connection between physical and mental health combine to make this a worthwhile inspirational guide for transforming the lives of young people.

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