Murders of Conveyance: Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery
by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson
Artemesia Publishing

"She then steps across the corpse she seems to regard as being of no consequence."

Another startling murder seems to follow Natalie Seachrist and her friends, this time during an inaugural scavenger hunt celebrating the culture and history of Hawai’i. Natalie, her boyfriend and ex-cop Keoni, and their friends from the mainland, Margie and Dan O’Hara, are excited to dive into a fun adventure when a mysterious murder of one of the hunt’s sponsors threatens to cast a pallor over the event. Natalie realizes that a dream she thought was inspired by a classic movie marathon was, in fact, one of her trademark visions—only this time, the victim in her dream appears to have been murdered decades ago, despite similar circumstances. She and the Hawai’i Police must find the killer and solve the urgent mystery as well as a very cold case, all while trying to enjoy what was supposed to be a relaxing week with friends.

Natalie’s career as a leisure journalist and the author’s two decades of life in Hawai’i combine to create an environment that is meticulously sculpted, filled with breathtaking scenery, rich culture, and decadent food. Those that have visited the islands will be teleported back to the scenes in their memories, while those yet to explore them will have their imaginations kindled. Unlike many novels in the mystery genre, Burrows-Johnson's book maintains a balance with Natalie and Keoni in that they dedicate themselves to the case while simultaneously taking care of themselves and each other rather than subsisting on coffee and no sleep. The pace of this story naturally transitions from the scavenger hunt and its locales to the identity of the murderer of the Chinese linguistics professor and gives the reader a grounded perspective before launching them into the action. Fans of a lighter mystery with rich characters and environments will devour this latest Seachrist story.

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