The Musings of a Carolina Yankee
by Wally Amidon
MSI Press

"You, she screamed as she grabbed a butter knife off the table and waddled toward me."

Life in the country can be a little strange at times. Maybe it's the people, or the wide-open spaces, but there's no shortage of hunting stories, quirky characters, and general weirdness away from the big cities. In this collection, the author shares his own stories and those others have told him involving family, friends, hunting, recreation, and even war. Most stories have a humorous bent to them and a happy ending, though much like life itself, it's not possible to be positive all of the time. From Maine and New Hampshire to South Carolina, the author's adventures span both time and location, but his attitude and love for a good joke stay consistent. By picking up this book, readers can replicate sitting down with the author as he spins a yarn designed to entertain and elicit a smile.

As the book's subtitle states, this is a collection of stories, both fictional and non-fictional. Like a wooded rural road twists and winds, this memoir bounces between the plausibly autobiographical and the outright fictional effortlessly and unpredictably. With a collection of small anecdotes about hunting, military service, or just colorful characters, this compilation keeps its good humor and general principles of respect and goodwill, even in the face of an irresistible practical joke. There isn't a narrative or even a chronological order that the stories can be experienced in, but it's an easy book to pick up, put down again, and come right back to. Anyone who just wants a reason to laugh or ignore their troubles for a little while will enjoy relaxing with this book.

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