My Left Breast: A Journey of Healing from Cancer
by Mary Bickerstaff 
Trafford Publishing

"I had cancer. It didn't have me. It couldn't take my courage and faith away."

Mammogram. Diagnosis: Cancer. At first Mary is stunned, speechless. She can't believe the flow of tests, confirmed diagnosis, suggested schedule for operation, and proposed recommendation for treatment. Is this happening to her? Cancer is what happens to other people. The healthy nurse who has always taken care of everyone else, now needs help—a way to understand her disease and professionals who know what the options are—in order for her to survive. Mary has offered the same support to patients for years but, when the Big C crashes into her own life, this strong woman has no idea what an emotional journey she, as others have before her, will face.

The medical team steps up the pace following the positive results of the biopsy. Through recommendations for choice of surgeon and oncologist, her own research of treatment, and the close prayer-filled interaction with friends and family, Mary gathers together a team who will guide her along the never-before-traveled path to recovery. She savors the day she finally hears, "Consider yourself cured. Get on with your life."

This book is both an education and a healing process for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The author writes about the day-to-day developments but also offers glimpses of her inner self and her faith as she struggles for strength to continue a life she cherishes. For those who've already walked this same road, it reinforces their healing capacity and renews belief in those angels who seem to always be present. Bickerstaff's brief memoir should be read by all who face the uncertainty, personal vulnerability, and initial fear of a cancer diagnosis. This book will offer the one promise all seek: The continued blessings of life.

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