"Why don’t you grab life by the throat, and shake it in the same way that I shook that cheeky, flea ridden monkey, on my trip of a lifetime, and shake, and shake till it spits out the different life you want."

There have been countless real life stories about individuals experiencing “out of body” moments while in a coma or a state of near death. The debate rages on regarding the validity of such experiences. Typically, one school of thought centers on the lack of a scientific explanation for “out of body” reports by individuals. Another school of thought adheres to a spiritual explanation for such occurrences. Author Kerri Dyer-Keen, based on her personal experience, makes a powerful, undeniable case for the school of thought that adheres to a spiritual explanation for individuals who have somehow bridged the realm between the physical world and the afterlife, while in a coma or near death.

Keen was in a coma after a horrific car accident in Australia in 1979. Her miraculous physical and spiritual journey is chronicled in a frank, earnest tone, that delivers universal themes of love, courage, faith, loyalty, and hope. Keen celebrates family and friends in this book and acknowledges that she would not be what she is today, if not for their unconditional support. The author states that she has had three lives–her childhood, life as an entertainer, and her life now at 56. This book should evoke powerful emotions for readers, as Keen generously sprinkles passages with humorous as well as tearful moments, in a tour de force that spans generations.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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