"Not a few people believed that Gyang and his hatchet men desired me to die for daring to put up a fight... in the court"

Playing out in electrifying testimony within the courts, Ayoola's documentary is his truth on the events following Professor Gyang's appointment as vice-chancellor of the University of Agriculture (UNIAGRIC) Makurdi in Nigeria. As a strong disciple of the former chancellor, Professor Idachaba, Ayoola was automatically perceived as an adversary from the outset, leading to chaos within the university setting.

Professor Gyang's acceptance was rooted in the naive thought that, like Gyang, neither Idachaba nor Ayoola were indigenous Tiv natives. However, the university results between the two chancellors were polar opposites. Not a single student achieved graduation during Gyang's tenure, which was largely mired in corruption that ranged from budget padding to fraud. Lost in the battle of loyalties and ego was the clear fact that the university was breaking down. When other professors supporting Gyang tried to take Ayoola down multiple times, including what could best be described as an assassination attempt, it became increasingly clear that the courts were the only way to preserve any semblance of justice and respect for Ayoola and the university he helped lift to greater heights as director.

While the backstory illuminates how deep the corruption ran and its impact on Ayoola's health, the cases themselves are arguably the most intriguing. Poignantly portrayed, the arguments ranging from forgery to wrongful suspension are presented with such ease and clarity that anyone can follow the proceedings. It is truly remarkable how an educational environment can be transformed from a well-balanced meritocracy to one that the author describes as led by an academic despot. Overall, readers will get a glimpse into the court systems where the trials and tribulations Ayoola experiences reach a climax that serves as a mirror of what many other professionals endure silently throughout their career.

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