My Dear Boy
by Kim Joonmin

"'My visions do not tell me exactly when a person will die; they simply tell me how.'"

Park-Chul Joon has a gift or maybe a curse. When he touches someone, he can see how that person will die. His visions are startling in their detail and ferocious with the physical impact as he endures the flash of death within his mind. He has managed to hide his affliction from his friends and co-workers at the bakery where he works. He wears gloves to keep his visions at bay. But when he meets Lan Min-jah, his life is changed forever as he begins to understand his gift and how it connects to his burgeoning love and bond with him. As they grow closer, their lives intersect in many ways, which leads to love and danger in equal measure.

This novel delivers a stirring story of sacrifice and commitment with action-packed sequences and heartfelt romance between two young men, despite the repercussions that occur as the two are bonded together in a shared destiny. As heir to a powerful corporation, Lan Min-jah is under constant scrutiny and is personally threatened by a mysterious person who wants him dead. Park-Chul Joon, who long ago decided to use his visions to help people, saves Min-jah more than once. The tension and concern for each of their lives increase with each chapter, stoking the suspense and keeping the pages turning. At times, the abrupt narration shifts distract from the story’s progression as it builds momentum. But the character development is thorough and drives the action to a satisfying conclusion.

Park-Chul Joon is an outsider coming to terms with his unusual gift that keeps him from connecting with others. When he takes a risk to reveal his truth to Lan Min-jah, his life is changed forever. With deep empathy and abiding hope, Joonmin offers up a story of acceptance and love.

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