"To ensure the organization’s leaders and consultants understood the leadership style of the CEO, the CEO analyzed, studied and regularly communicated its leadership style with the consultants."

This business book from a seasoned process expert and consulting entrepreneur combines reflections, tools, and advice for professionals in start-up or consulting environments. The author is generous and humble as he shares gems and tips acquired over a lengthy and accomplished career. The book's title refers to a leader's potential expectations and assumptions that can imperil a business consulting operation if not addressed and mitigated. Among these are the danger of assuming that content experts share a firm's communication and professionalism culture. As ambassadors of an organization, consultants out in the field have the power to shape a client's impression of the firm. Thus without detailed guidance and process training, such representatives can have detrimental effects on a company's reputation and ultimate potential for success.

The book's tools are detailed and dense with abundant checklists, graphics, and charts designed to help a managing consultant analyze and manage across a variety of situations. The author's trove of intricate mapping and listing strategies gives insight into his own meticulous processes. A reader might find great value here, either by directly adapting the actual tools for use or, more likely, by recognizing the inherent value of such rigorous and repeatable activities and then developing their own custom tools as needed. Business advice books are abundant and varied, yet for the consultant or leader seeking insight into very tangible set-up assumptions and remedies, this thoughtful book offers a substantive preview of possible problems and proven strategies for solutions. Its guidance could ultimately lead to organizational success.

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