My First School
by TP
Trafford Publishing

"The first school day is in the morning! I have to get my bath earlier tonight so I can have longer to rest my eyes."

My First School is a book full of the wonder and promise of childhood. The story follows Ashley, a three year old, who is preparing for her first day of school. The book is told through the eyes of Ashley, and the prose even comes from the mouths of real children. My First School would be the perfect book to share with a child who is anticipating their first day of school and is feeling anxious about it. Ashley is a wonderful narrator as she shares all the joys and excitement of starting school. The reader is brought along as she shops for a new outfit and backpack, as she sees her classroom for the first time, as she makes a new best friend, and as she learns new things.

The author creates magical, child-like illustrations to accompany Ashley's words. While the illustrations look professionally done, they also appear to be drawn like a child would draw them which helps show what the world looks like through a child's eyes. The reader gets to see Ashley's bright colorful classroom, gets to see Ashley play with new friends, and gets to know her mom and dad. If there is one complaint to be had about My First School is that it leaves one wanting more illustrations. There are seven illustrations total, which help tell Ashley's story, but they are times when the story could benefit from more of them. Overall, My First School is a truly fantastic way to introduce children to the concept of going to school. The book gently walks one through the process of preparing for and attending school without making any of it feel scary or overwhelming.

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