My Grandma Loves to Play
by Winifred "Oyoko" Loving
Trafford Publishing

"I just made that bed! It was so nice and neat. I think there is someone hiding under my sheet."

With grandchildren over to spend time, a grandmother engages in delightful playtime. Finding a lump underneath the covers of her bed, she considers all of the possibilities of what the hidden object could be. In her knowing way, the narrating grandparents wonders out loud what it could be, giving the audience a knowing wink. Eventually, the game comes to a close with the reveal of the hiding child and the grandmother dotes on the child. At the start of the book, the author reminisces shortly about the time she spent with her own grandmother, and at the end suggestions are made for the appropriate age of children to share the book with and how to incorporate its message into the audience's lives.

Each page of this title is accompanied with a full-page illustration that is colorful and soft, matching the author's message of gentle love and grandmotherly tone. With a message of engaging children in play and imagination, this title is perfect for sharing with grandchildren before or after playing similar games, and is a strong complement to the kind of bonds these family members share across generations. The memories and suggestions at either end of the book serve as helpful messages from the author to cherish time spent playing or just reading books with little ones and set the tone for the rest of the activity. Above all else, this title emphasizes the importance of playing with children when the opportunity arises as a means to make the most of time spent and relearn a love of play around small ones who value fun so dearly.

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