My Personal Stop Message
by BeBop
Trafford Publishing

"As with recovery, if I want it bad enough I will work at it every day until success is my victory."

Addiction is arguably one of the most debilitating diseases a person can have. This is because not only does addiction destroy physical and mental health, it also tears apart families and derails the intended path of a person’s life. These are harsh lessons that BeBop discovers a little too late. The book begins as the author is released from his second stint in a corrections facility in Washington. Although he has earned his GED and two associate’s degrees while behind bars, BeBop’s prospects are poor. He decides to head south to San Francisco in hopes of a new start in life.

After arriving in his new town, the author’s life quickly spirals out of control. He becomes addicted to crack cocaine. Although he finds work, BeBop spends nearly all of his wages on drugs. For a while, it seems that he manages to delude himself into thinking that he can function well as a working addict, but addiction always comes at a steep price.

This book is a rambling glimpse at the inner workings of recovering addict’s brain. Readers who enjoy stream of consciousness narrations will appreciate the author’s disorganized writing style and apparent distrust of paragraph breaks, though the book needs the touch of a professional editor. Explicit language is used throughout the story. The strongest selling point is the poetry scattered throughout, which the author composes more adeptly than his prose. Overall, BeBop’s life story is compelling. The end of the book, in which he describes his work toward recovery, is particularly engaging.

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