My Life With Nobi
by James Washington
Trafford Publishing

"When we did meet, we were two lost souls. Neither of us was happy nor content until we found each other; although I always believed that God gave her to me."

Some people go looking for love; others stumble upon it accidentally. Sometimes, though, love can literally knock you off your feet. When James met Nobi, he was running to a fight. The 18-year-old was stationed in post-war Japan and was speeding toward a club to help his unit in a bar brawl. 20-year-old Nobi was wisely running away from there when James plowed into her. Despite its violent beginning, that meeting led to a 62-year marriage marked by intense love and friendship.

Of course, no life together is perfect. James' military career often took him to places where Nobi and their children couldn't accompany him. The long separations were difficult, and frequently James faced work-related challenges that threatened to crush him. Yet whether in person or from another country, Nobi was always there to support him through these trials. Even after he retired from the military and began working in the private sector, James' life with Nobi faced some hardships such as the deaths of their daughter, Eva, and son-in-law, Bill. When Nobi died of cancer in 2011, James began living in a fog but with the hope of one day seeing her again in Heaven.

Although the author's biography suffers from some copyediting issues, overall it is a moving and engaging tribute. Washington holds little back, including his feelings toward those who have betrayed him in the past. Yet what comes across most frequently in this book is his love and respect for the woman who stood beside him for so many years.

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