"We, as individuals, can unite and pool our money collectively and live well individually."

The purpose of this book is to create a new economic system based on the principles of the Exponential Compound Interest. According to the author, this type of a financial system can be utilized in economies around the world and in all currencies, and it creates "wealth, prosperity, and elimination of debt for all humanity.”"

One example of this system, as presented in the book, is that twelve people put a certain amount of money into one account every month, for example, $50.00. Then, every month, one of those twelve people will have the sum of $600 to use as they see fit. This will be followed by the next person on the next month, and so on, until all twelve depositors had a turn to use the collected money. According to the author, this way the individuals can eliminate debt and can pool their money collectively, so that they can “live well individually.”

The author presents many other examples how to eliminate debt and save money, such as paying bills early to not accumulate interest, pooling money together to buy lotto tickets, donating leftover food to homeless shelters, live healthfully, etc. The book is in need of some editing, as the text sometimes lacks correct punctuation and grammar, and the author has the tendency to repeat what he has already said on multiple occasions. In general, this is a good book for those in the financial fields, as well as for those who wish to save money and live a debt-free life.

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