Night Sea Journey
by Paula Cappa
Crispin Books

"The road to hell is paved with the skulls of priests."

Father Raymond Kera's request to be released from the priesthood is denied. Raymond spinelessly adheres to the instructions from the Vatican to do carpentry at St. Gregory's Church on a remote area of Horn Island. Raymond encounters the dreamscape artist Kip Livingston when he inquires about one of her apocalyptic-looking paintings entitled "Night Sea Journey." After divulging her relentlessly terrifying nightmares to Raymond, Kip asks him to stay the night, and for the first time she experiences a peaceful sleep. But as Raymond analyzes detailed aspects of Kip's nightmares, a bizarre set of circumstances unfolds, especially when Raymond enters Kip's hellish yet realistic dreams.

Awarding-winning author and short story writer Paula Cappa spins Biblical exegesis within a paranormal framework focused on themes of redemption and end times. Cappa's stunning and absorbing plot is filled with all the elements that catapult her third-person narrative on par with—if not better than—a Dan Brown novel. Cappa zeroes in on a small yet extremely well-developed cast (Raymond and Kip) that is tightly surrounded by a good handful of foiled characters. Chief among Cappa's foiled collection is Father Garcia. Garcia has his own set of challenges. Nonetheless, Garcia and Raymond have a diehard friendship that plays a critical role in both their spiritual journeys. Concurrently, Raymond's relationship with Kip builds. Aside of long-awaited steamy moments, the ever-elusive Kip also has a spiritual effect on Raymond's life. Cappa handles scriptural references on love and forgiveness and its interconnection with Heaven and Hell, as well as angels and demons, with incredible skill. Cappa's persistence to shifting character scenes in the midst of celestial and malevolent beings leaves readers in a constant mind-boggling eschatological and good-versus-evil tizzy. Truly an outstanding read, Night Sea Journey is one book that is hard to put down!

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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