"I know God values the things we value and think are important and have meaning in our lives."

She marries her high school boyfriend after a baseball knocks out his tooth during practice. After seven years of marriage, Howald accepts God’s decision not to grant her biological children and adopts a daughter. A year later, she fills in for her church pianist who is on maternity leave. Within weeks, Howald is pregnant. Almost as soon as she returns from her maternity leave, she finds she is once again expecting. She jokingly attributes her sudden fertility to sitting on the church’s piano bench. Howald, a fervent Christian, credits God as the source of her two youngest miracles. Nor does God limit himself to large, life-altering miracles, she has discovered. She firmly declares divine intervention in locating several missing pieces of favorite jewelry over the years. God once even protects her two naughty Dachshunds when they run away during a family camping trip, bringing them both safely home.

As the title suggests, those who are not overly concerned with political correctness—and those not put off by strong fundamentalist Christian views—might end up greatly enjoying this book. Howald writes in a style that reflects the way life occurs: as a series of loosely connected incidents. She draws on life experiences that include happenings from 64 years of marriage to Frank, her high school sweetheart. One can almost smell the fresh country air as one reads tales of the Ohio farms where she grew up and spent her early married life. Her laughter at humorous recollections seems almost audible through these pages and encourages readers to join in. Her wonderment at inspiring events is also contagious. She is an avid collector of blonde jokes and crisp comebacks, many of which she shares here. The open-hearted simplicity and rural wholesomeness of her narration make for easy, pleasurable reading.

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