Now What?
by Barbara J Hamblen
Trafford Publishing

"'Finally, finally, we’re on our way,' Sarn rubbed his hands together and yelled, 'Vacation, here we come.'"

Now What? is a science fiction book about humans from another galaxy who crash-land on Earth. Although the time frame is uncertain, the book mention some early spacecraft but not space shuttles so it would appear the time is not present day. The alien humans belong to a faraway Federation and recently completed a mission to seek out their enemy. They were bound for a known planet for vacation, but a mechanical malfunction caused their spaceship to crash on a completely unknown planet.

The crew, consisting of four family members, goes through a series of adventures learning how to speak the Earthlings language, learning the customs, and searching for the technology they need to repair their vehicle. In many ways, this is a "family vacation" gone awry adeventure. Along the way they have some hair-raising experiences, such as when one of the group insists on learning to drive a car, which can only be described as the Indy 500 meets a demolition derby. The story actions take place in and around a gambling city in Nevada and includes the family obtaining assistance evading the law from the owner and members of a brothel. Occasionally the dialogue repeats clichés such as "Gee, Oh Gee" and "Blazing suns, " but all in all it is a fun story, more reminiscent of Space Balls and Galaxy Quest than Star Wars.

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