Null and Void
by Lewis Ashman

"The strangest thing about me isn’t that I killed those guys. That was just a fluke. The strangest thing about me is that I know things."

After Stanley Wilson and his gang of drunk bullies beat up his older brother Mike, Lance Thompson sets out for revenge. He confronts the gang and a fight breaks out. Lance throws three punches, and three boys wind up dead. This lands Lance in the criminal justice system where he meets Michelle, his assigned counselor. During the interview, Lance reveals to Michelle that her real name is Laura, and she has a twin. This is where the story really gains momentum; Lance goes on the run and becomes a deadly vigilante. He crosses paths with a private detective and a district attorney whose daughter has been kidnapped. However, is Lance really the hero, or does he cross the line and become a powerful psychopath who needs to be put down before his killing streak becomes legendary?

Fans of Richard Paul Evans’ Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25, will enjoy the enigmatic and powerful character of Lance in Ashman’s new novel. Ashman’s narrative progresses at a rapid pace and takes the reader on a thrilling, science fiction ride. The characters in the book and their abilities twist the story in ways familiar to an X-Men title. Readers may find themselves wanting more information about how the characters are connected, where these powers come from, and, after the ash and smoke clears, what just happened at the end of the book. This book is full of excitement and questions. The introduction of Cheryl McGovern adds layers to the story and gives more background to what motivates the other characters. She is an intriguing woman with powers and reasons all her own, and she may very well be pulling all the strings.

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