by Jack Dunsmoor
Lulu Publishing

"I knew I wanted to do something significant to help mankind, or perhaps I just wanted to save one life somehow, and maybe my own in the process."

In what begins as a humorous attempt to become involved in a mentor program, Jack Dunsmoor accidentally finds himself drawn into a complex system to help at-risk kids that tests both his emotional and physical strength. After a chance meeting with the shy, vulnerable fifteen year-old Andrew and later the young men, Tosh and Devin, Jack quickly faces harsh realities as he plunges into the convoluted maze of social workers and foster children. Plagued by strange and vivid dreams and nightmares in the lengthy attempt to realize his goal of finding Andrew and to help Tosh and Devin, Jack learns the difficult and unsettling truths of the foster system.

Compelled to do more and not fail to help at-risk youth in the future, specifically gay teens, Jack creates The OK2BG, a book donation project that delivers books about the lives of gay men to schools and public libraries. The primary intent of the project is to give young gay men support and guidance, who are often bullied and susceptible to suicide. It is a way for Jack to contribute a small solution to very large social issues.

OK2BG is an eye-opening and personal experience of self-discovery that sheds light on a broken system. Written as a memoir compiled from Jack's diary entries of his troublesome days navigating the social work system, he invests much of the memoir on the myriad details of his journey and fight, interjected with self-reflection of his own past and the self doubts of his mission. The most memorable moments are Jack's dreams, which are hallucinatory, disturbing, and haunting, but his tenacity and optimism to fulfill both father and big brother roles to those he feels called to help is admirable.

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