Of Dishonor: A Look Into The Heart Of Man
by Mel Month
Author House

"Everybody lies. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes it's even the right thing to do."

Of Dishonor is a sprawling saga both multigenerational and international in scope. It is a tale of commerce, crime, and corruption, as well as politics, science, love, sex, and betrayal. It begins in the 1930’s and concludes in the year 2015.

It is a lengthy book, close to 300,000 words, and not something to be finished in a night (or even two). Complex and intricate, with many characters, it eventually rewards with intertwined relationships and storylines. Author, Month, takes his time in describing locations, jet setting and life styles, but most importantly, he gives full descriptions of both the physical and mental components of the characters. No matter what feelings the reader may have toward a characters, the author gives plenty of information upon which to make a decision. The interior monologues can be lengthy as the strategies and feelings that one character has for dealing with others.

Many voices populate the pages. Whether it is the adulterous affair of Laura, or when Scott fakes his own death, or when Robert marries Laura knowing Scott, her husband, is still alive, or when Alan and Scott connive to rip off a joint venture they are in, there is plenty of questionable behavior to go around. The characters all act in their self-interest exposing their personal and at times situational ethics to scrutiny. In the end, they pretty much do what they want. The book will make you ask some questions about the journey of life and the meaning of character.

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