"Boldness isn’t necessarily courageous or heroic. It’s a willingness to act with confidence or to take a risk. It’s confronting fear or insecurity..."

As we age, it is easy for people to focus primarily on health and taking care of oneself. The author's mother took a different approach throughout her ninety-plus years of life. Her mom's motto was "Just say yes" to any new activity or challenge, like she did with tandem paragliding when eighty-eight or learning the "Chicken Dance." However, stepping out of your comfort zone does not always require a big leap. For example, the author's mother spent a year (her 93rd) with the plan of doing 93 new things—new mini-adventures and experiences at any new location.

Scientists know that when we become active, the body produces chemicals that give off a feeling of euphoria. The adventures of many daring challengers, including the author's mother and herself, are expertly documented in this book. For example, Herman completed the 5K obstacle Warrior Dash and also fulfilled a life-long dream to pilot a small aircraft at the age of 46. These intriguing stories should prove an inspiration to all.

Herman's mother is from Iceland and claims to have inherited Viking bravery. "On with the butter" is an old expression that means to carry on or keep moving. Seniors cannot have a better battle cry. The author considers herself fortunate for having this adventurous spirit ingrained during youth. Blurbs within the twelve chapters also offer helpful suggestions, such as this simple one that anyone can try: adding a cushion to your schedule. The author defines this "planned spontaneity" as the opportunity to stop and appreciate amazing views and beds of brightly-colored flowers rather than rushing on to daily appointments or tasks. At the end of each chapter, there is a list of more robust challenges for readers to try. Herman's inspiring work offers a fresh perspective on living well at any age.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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