One Story Inside Another
by Victor Gordon Cullen
Trafford Publishing

"Instead of his death releasing him, a darker form intervened... and in shadows far deeper than black, death fled from Aron-Wind-Chaser."

Gulldom is broken into three factions, and Saber-One-Eye, ruler of the Nendral faction, is hellbent on conquering his brethren. The god of the Darkwave Scrolls had chosen him and nothing will stand in his way of trying to harness the scrolls' powers, or so he thinks. Humber-Current-Holly and Thag-Sea-Wolf are outcasts. One is an orphan and the other friendless. They have been chosen by a Voice to unite against the darkness of Saber-One-Eye and end his legacy of terror. Cullen takes the reader into the world of gulldom and life on an oil rig. This isn't a one-dimensional environmental piece or a children's story, however. One Story Inside Another is a novel that will appeal to those who desire a contemporary narrative that has a fresh outlook on provocative topics such as religion, genocide, and heritage.

The author weaves a fantastical, sympathetic, and intricate world around seagulls—giving them their own heroes, villains, mythology, and societal structure. For example, instead of bemoaning how oil rigs are killing the habitation of seagulls, Cullen integrates them into Gulldom's territorial boundaries and culture, so much so that it becomes a right of passage for the young or adventurous to seek them out. Cullen's characters are developed in a way that challenges the reader to rethink of age old issues from a different perspective, such as the slippery slope of religious fervor in the savagery of Sabre-One-Eye, who is willing to torment and destroy his own kind for the sake of the Darkwave Scrolls. It is disturbing in a way that makes the reader question and meditate on the impact that religion has had on humankind. Overall, this an entertaining read that is both action-packed and thought-provoking.

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