One Damp Day
by Julie K. Parrott

"We are all travellers; it is just that some of us choose better places to stay along the way."

A rainy day inspired the author to go beneath her bed and retrieve a box of poetry and whimsical thoughts that she'd written and collected over time, bringing them together in this book. The first section of the book is organized by moods, featuring poems that fall under the categories of sad, mad, glad, bad, and very bad, which is a brief section of naughty limericks. After these poems comes a final section of random musings. These are thoughts organized under various headings, often just a line or two long, that impart some insight or wisdom from the author to the reader. Often humorous but still with a message to share, these poems are fun, light, and bubbly to read, perfect for a rainy day.

What sets this book apart from other collections of poetry is the lightness of it. Never taking itself too seriously, this book entertains but at the same time shares the thoughts and emotions of the author through the language of poetry, albeit with a cheeky wink and a nod. The varying styles and emotions conveyed in the book make it a well-rounded, fleshed out experience that is enjoyable to read and worthy of some chuckles. Despite the different moods on display, the work conveys the perspective of an author that is fun-loving and whose view of the world may be unique, but is all the happier for it. Any readers who can appreciate looking at things with a fresh, whimsical set of eyes will enjoy the poems recorded in this book, and can use the levity of them to weather any dreary storm.

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