One Precious Pearl
by Robert Lloyd Russell
Infinity Publishing

"'The pearl is the only gem that is perfect without additional work by man.' Discover what the precious pearl is."

In One Precious Pearl the author clearly demonstrates that, though Biblical principles are simple, they are not simplistic. Anyone can understand the concept of a man seeking pearls and finding one so precious that he sells everything he has to buy it. But, I believe, it is God's desire that we delve into his word in order to go beyond the obvious so that we can know Him better. The author presents several versions of what the pearl represents. Is it Salvation? Is it the Kingdom of Heaven? Or is it the Church, the body of believers in Christ? Digging more deeply into the content and context of in the parable of the precious pearl reveals the many layers that lie beneath the apparent interpretation.

Too often religious leaders are willing to accept doctrine based on phrases in the Bible that are not only out of context but also fail to consider the constancy of God's character. This has lead to the formation of many denominations as well as many false sects that attract CINO's, Christians in name only. Just as cultured pearls mimic natural pearls and can mislead even the most accomplished gemologists, so false teachings mislead many who consider themselves to be Biblical scholars.

Russell is an accomplished writer who has taken some difficult concepts and presented them in an informative and interesting way. Whether you are a believer or a seeker, you'll never look at a pearl the same way after reading One Precious Pearl.

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