by Gooding
Trafford Publishing

"I have a strong feeling that wherever Febrile Weber got that virus, he wasn't supposed to have it. Which means I wasn't supposed to have it."

Dr. Chad Kinman is an unassuming university professor who has stumbled on a potential scientific breakthrough. Relying on the contacts of his friend and colleague, Dr. Arnold Johns, Kinman hopes that his findings will contribute to society and maybe more importantly, make him famous. However, both the grad student that he has been having an affair with and her friend who got the virus to Kinman in the first place turn up dead shortly after. It doesn't take long for Kinman and Johns to realize they might be next. Hitting the road, the two professors are just desperate to save their own lives, not realizing that the implications of their discovery may have much more far-reaching effects in the world. With mysterious hitmen on their tail and a country going crazy thanks to a new youth movement, if they stop, they might die.

Inspired by classic science fiction movies and infused with a surprising dose of politics, this is a tense and suspenseful tale. Each of the different characters is quirky and memorable, and the story moves at a quick and relentless pace. There are bits of dark humor and character introspection throughout to keep things varied and engaging, along with long bits of presidential and political rhetoric directly inspired from Adolf Hitler's writing in Mein Kampf. This title takes several different approaches to tell its story, so it may be difficult for those who are looking strictly for realistic events or fantastical science fiction strangeness, but with an open mind and a willingness to bridge the two concepts, readers may find something that really speaks to them here.

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