Orphan Rock
by Bronwyn Rodden
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"And for a second, as a moth passed nearby, its wings dusted angelic white glistening in the harsh light, he felt a tiny shaft of hope. Then nothing."

In a mystery regarding the murder of Jack Spandel, a local real estate agent, the book takes us through a variety of potential culprits related to Spandel's death. He had offended others in a variety of ways, both personally and professionally. His body was found close to a high-class restaurant and a local park that served as a gay cruising area, although he supposedly wasn’t gay. Along with the possibility of a secret deal regarding mines in the area, a problematic marriage, a difficult teenager, affairs, and the question regarding a Chinese co-worker and the death of another person, Jack’s murder is a difficult case. Detective Ros Gordon and others are tasked with finding the murderer, all while dealing with Gordon’s probationary status and past and present relationships. And how does her former relationship with another cop influence her work and affect her case?

An easy-to-read light mystery based in Australia, this second novel in the author's series featuring Detective Ros Gordon is an interesting tale of murder, relationships, prejudice, hate, and police misconduct. Relationships among the police, personal relationships, and the intersection of unrequited love add to a more personal background, which enhances the mystery. Well written with appropriate dialogue, this mystery novel will engage the reader through its realistic storyline as well as its clever take on policing and on prejudices, all of which will keep the reader guessing as to who murdered Jack. Overall, the author’s book makes for a nice read with eye-opening insights into the problems of ongoing hate and discrimination and how this impacts others.

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