Out of the Shadows: The Saga of Caroline York - Her Days Among the Cayugas
by David J. Fogarty
Author Reputation Press, LLC

"She thought briefly of her mother adrift on the frontier and stood lost without her, her mother whom she tried so much to emulate."

Fogarty’s hefty work of historical fiction takes place in the 18th Century in upstate New York. His protagonist—Caroline York, an Irish immigrant—settles on her uncle’s Maryland farm in the 1760s. When her uncle dies suspiciously, she is kidnapped by a nefarious British captain. Her husband and daughter begin their search for her with the help of the French and an Iroquois chief. After she is rescued, her experience leads her to fight for justice in this new and unjust land where those who hold power wield it over those who are powerless. The novel follows York’s life as she fights for social justice among the early settlers of upstate New York, eventually bringing about much-needed change.

Well-researched and exhaustive, Fogarty’s novel is wonderfully detailed. Its protagonist, as a champion of social justice, education, and the promotion of Native American ideals, is a strong character whose adventurous life grabs the reader’s imagination. Though set over 250 years in the past, there are many similarities to social justice issues that affect modern society, specifically the power gap between the wealthy and the poor. History buffs will enjoy the immense details Fogarty includes about life and customs during this period of American history. His main character, York, is delightfully portrayed as a strong, opinionated, and quick-witted woman who rises to the demands of injustice. Anyone who is interested in learning about what life was like during the early settlement of America will find much to inform them within the pages of Fogarty’s novel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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