"For it is laughter and dedication that keeps the hundreds of thousands of individuals in this field surviving."

In this short book, the author shares twelve chapters and numerous stories about the experiences of being a speech therapist in the school systems. Given the stress of this job, Ray manages to convey her love of working with children while addressing the difficulty of the profession. Understanding that the key to such work is about flexibility, she also relates the problems of often traveling to numerous schools. This includes not having a permanent office, which entails having to haul heavy equipment from school to school, not always getting the necessary respect or camaraderie from teachers, administrators, and custodians, the demands of paperwork and other essential skills not related to speech therapists, and having to cope with parents and problematic children.

While the book delves into the problems, it also relates various entertaining stories about these issues as well as discusses Ray's joy with the work and the love of working with children. It is a quick and easy read. And while it is written for a small section of people who work in school systems, it is a book that other professionals may enjoy as well. The target audience is speech therapists, especially ones who work in public schools, as this type of setting offers numerous conditions that other contexts may not find to be problematic. It could also be an interesting read for those who are looking to go into this field of study. The book is written in an uncomplicated manner, making its content very easy to absorb. Its overall exploration of the basics of this subject matter is quite interesting.

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