Pandora's Box
by Alan Davis

"He realized that time is moving only in one direction and that our fates are constantly in the process of being written."

Darth, the pupil of the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth, is sent to the mortal realm to be tested. Reincarnated as a young man, Darth is serious and contemplative, eventually becoming a healer for his community and the surrounding areas. As he approaches the age of 30, Darth begins to fall in love with a server at the local tavern and begins a slow but cautious process of courting her. Just as he finds his boldness and makes his move, dark forces conspire to permanently remove him from his desire. Accepting a prolonged exile instead of a grimmer fate, Darth leaves town and embarks on a pilgrimage, studying with peers and gurus, learning about the beauty of the natural world and the depths of human existence.

At face value, the story of Darth is a fictional tale of self-improvement until such time that the obstacles to one’s goals can be removed, and the hero is deemed worthy. Beyond that framing device, however, this book is chock full of spiritual wisdom, history, and philosophical reflections that extend off the page and Darth’s ordeal and reach directly out to the readers themselves. The story itself is classic, and the character of Darth is both a figure that the audience can aspire to emulate while also showing off his moments of temptation and opportunities for growth. Containing both nuggets of wisdom for the soul to process as well as descriptions of physical exercises involving yoga and massage, the author’s book offers a visceral, real experience for the reader who chooses to be inspired by Darth’s journey and follow along rather than merely reading this as a story.

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