Parables of a Granddad
by Jed J. Ramsey
Trafford Publishing

"'Let's go for a swim, Granddad,' was the cry from the Daughter of the Daughter of Francesca."

Styled after the essays of William Eleazar Barton, the author presents dozens of stories just a few pages each that relay real-life situations into lessons that can be put to use in daily life through this collection. Each moral stands alone on its own, but is also paired with an appropriate Bible verse, meant to allow for deeper reflection on the message within. The stories deal with the kinds of joy a grandfather takes in his family, stories of the author's youth, and little encounters which anybody could have but might not use as an opportunity for growth.

Each of these parables is so brief that they are perfect for daily affirmations or a positive message during a struggle. There is an overall sense of optimism in this book, either at the beauty of life or by the ability to find the silver lining in situations, and this lends itself well to its message of hope and making the most of life. The language can be light-heartedly silly at times, again following the model of Barton, but is easy and conversational to read and share, offering inspiration to all ages. Beyond the adventures of the author and his family, there is also a sense of not taking things for granted, particularly family. Several stories focus on the author's parents and a strong desire to bring them close once more through memory. With that in mind, this book is a pristine look at life through the eyes of a family man and is sure to remind readers of their own wise and loving elders.

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