Paramedic: M.O.S.
by C.B. Garris
Trafford Publishing

"...we the members of NYC EMS created a world within a world to sustain life and make life exist where it should have failed."

Paramedic: M.O.S. is based on the inspiring, true story of an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) paramedic who fearlessly served the New York community for years prior to September 11, 2001. The main character, Christian, donned a 3-A bullet proof vest each night when he reported to work. Based out of the Manhattan station, he and long-time partner, Jennifer, jumped into their emergency vehicle and responded rapidly to treat victims of countless accidents, a bank robbery, a suicide jumper, domestic violence, and, hardest of all, incidents involving a Member of Service (M.O.S).

Sir Christian, as his Chief affectionately addressed him on one occasion, stood his ground against those of the team or medical staff who did not live up to the ideals of compassion for others. Christian's love and dedication to friends lost to tragedies, along with spinal injuries he received in line of service, forced him to turn in the shield he had so proudly worn. Typical of such an intense book, names and locations were changed to protect privacy.

A former member of the NYC EMS team himself, C.B. Garris watched from a distance as the 911 catastrophe claimed the lives of eight EMS personnel. The author had served as logistical resource coordinator for the original World Trade Center bombing. Knowing what these brave Members of the Service were risking to save lives despite imminent building collapse, the author was prompted to write this book in honor of their skill and selflessness. Once a M.O.S, always a Member of Service. Simply by nature of the content, this book is meant for a mature audience. Smart remarks, wry humor (blood pressure dropped like the stock market in 1987), dispatch jargon such as 10-63 (enroute), medical terminology (extubated), and sexy love scenes enhance the believability.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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