Passage to America: American Melting Pot
by Gopi Krishena

"I accept citizenship with great feelings of hope and with the promise to fulfill the duties of citizenship."

Arriving during a period of modern political strife, Krishena's timely tale drives home the message of America as a melting pot of cultures. Although there are many political and social circumstances that the author touches on, his story focuses on the community surrounding a family that only wishes for health and happiness. To do so, they will have to uproot their entire lives to move to an unknown land to survive, leaving behind friends and family.

The USA is a combination of multiple cultures because immigrants built it for other immigrants to come and start their own lives. Through his characters' experiences, the author encapsulates the American Dream ideology as an informative narrative. He also notes his thoughts about immigration through his character's actions and monologues. Readers get a sense of what these immigrants are feeling and why they feel that way in their current situation.

Krishena's tale is a true story that interestingly changes the names of its historical characters to protect their identities. The story explains the tragedies people face, the struggles of immigrating, and the process of integrating into a new country. The writer touches on the Indian caste system and the obstacles that arise from living in a society that covets this hierarchy. He does this in a way that is not judgmental or critical but informative about his characters’ situation. All these attributes create a heartfelt narrative that depicts the true nature of cultural barriers. This book is for anyone who is intrigued by modern-day politics, immigration laws, or a story of family and hope.

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