Passing Through Book II:
Passing through the Mist into the Future
by David L. Marshall Trafford Publishing

"The book shows the weakness of a young black man. How he related to women and how he treated and was treated by women. It will show the transformation of an out-of-control young black man into a God-fearing, loving black man."

This is how the author summarizes his memoir, Passing Through Book II. David L. Marshall took on the task of telling his story so that others might benefit from both his mistakes and successes. With good humor and a unique perspective he hopes to accomplish this goal.

Passing Through Book II is definitely a labor of love from the heart of a man who was fortunate enough to learn the error of his ways, turn his life over to God, and become the person that he was destined to be. While Book I was published in 2005 and Book II is being published this year, the theme that runs through both is consistent with David L. Marshall's intent to inspire young men to trust God and to reach their full potential. He plans to continue relating his journey in Book III.

Despite the disappointments and losses that the author has suffered over the years, he is always able to bounce back thanks to his faith and the lessons that he learned from his Grandmother. He is blessed with an incredible memory and is able to recount incidents from his past in great detail, including names, places, and the feelings that they generated at the time. The jargon that Marshall is comfortable with in his writing might be a little difficult for the reader at first but eventually the patois makes perfect sense in the context of the story.


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