Passion Spirit Purpose: 3 Formulas to Introduce the DOXA Method to Empower You to Love Your Life
by Ana Weber
Balboa Press

"Every puzzle we encounter, every challenge that calls for our creativity, lets us build part of a new foundation of self-esteem and self-love as we take ownership of our actions and solve the mystery."

In 157 pages, twenty-two chapters, an appendix, and endnotes, the author explores how to grow through a sense of empowerment. The initial chapter, which focuses on using the DOXA way, sets the stage for the rest of the book. DOXA is about Desire, Outstanding, Xing, out the impossible, and Allowing you to be you. This chapter leads to others on mysteries, desire, and living in the now of DOXA. Other chapters include your purpose, intentions, learning and growing, freedom, your metaphorical grocery bag regarding taking an inventory of your day, and a cautionary tale regarding relationships. Continuing chapters reveal living in the now, listening to the inner voice, compromise, gratitude, accepting the unknown, her story of her immigration, love, and celebrating each day. The Appendix examines conversation starters for a dialogue with yourself such as, "Are you happy at your job?" and others.

Key points from the book include examining what you can and cannot control, how to live your life authentically, making healthy choices, and exploring the mysteries of life including dreams, feelings, and desires. Within the DOXA method, a focus on attracting, believing, and creating helps to manifest your desires, and should be combined with learning how to compromise and focusing on being grateful, including gratitude for a higher power. Also, the chapter on love is pertinent to all of us as is the need to celebrate our lives.

This is a self-help guide for those on the beginning path of enlightenment. It is focused on New Age premises and is an easy read for anyone exploring the need for growth, development, and healing. These premises include how doors may open when another door closes, questions to ask the universe such as, "Why can't I lose weight easily?," how to let go of such baggage, as well as how to embrace change. The Law of Attraction principles are also explored such as focusing on positive attitudes and opening ourselves to "new experiences and thought patterns."

The DOXA method is based on the Law of Attraction premises, and it should be noted that this belief system is primarily about feeling good about ourselves instead of focusing in-depth about everything in our lives, including our shadow selves. The focus here is on the top level aspects of ourselves. While it is positive to celebrate our lives, the writing takes us into basic techniques, such as utilizing food so we learn about changes we can make, for example having a Greek Salad with a Mexican cilantro dressing or flavoring your water with things such as oranges and apples, and not just lemonade.

While this book examines mind/body/spirit connections, it helps readers to find their purpose and passion within their own spirit. Much of it is steeped in the biography of the author, including the discussion of her sexual addiction and the techniques that have helped in her life. Still, it is a very quick read and study, and it is pertinent for beginners.

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